Training and Coaching

The academy use its professional coaches, tutors trainers and facilitators to render training and coaching services for individuals, schools and organizations in various fields and areas.

These include sports, personal development and entrepreneurship skills acquisition etc.

1A. Sports Training and Coaching;

At NTG Global skills academy we groom and develop skills in the young ones though organized training and coaching by professionals coaches in various sports and games, including Table tennis, Lawn tennis, Badminton, Chess, squash, football, Basketball, etc.

These training sessions can be done at your location or at any convenient locations provided by us or our partners and at convenient time too. The training and coaching will develop sporting skills in the participants and eventually turns them into professionals.

1B. Personal Development Training, Coaching and Mentoring.

NTG Global Skill Academy presents well organized and designed training, coaching and mentoring programs for younger ones to develop their personality and prepare them for the future.

These personal development skills are designed to transform the participants into tomorrow’s leaders with skills in the fields of:

  • Personality Development.
  • Leadership Skills Development.
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • ICT Skills in Communication.
  • Scientific and Technological Innovations.

These are aimed at producing young leaders for the challenges of tomorrow.

1C. Entrepreneurship Skills Acquisition Programs.

We organize training classes and practical sessions aimed at developing entrepreneurship skills for youth and children.

The skills are taught by experienced and trained professionals in various fields such as: Catering, Fashion Design, Knitting, Shoes and Bags Making, Soap and Cosmetics Production, Agricultural Skills etc.

    NTG Global Skills Academy is a reputable academy with track record of excellence and performance. We collaborate with many institutions, centers and agencies to synergize ideas and skills in order to bring the best out of every child or youth who pass through our programs.


    No. 18 Muhammadu Buhari Way, Opposite Hamdala Hotel, (Kaduna Club Premises), P.O Box 5503, Kaduna, Nigeria.


    08024446562, 09035613634