Tournaments and Competitions

Academic Competition.

The Academy organizes and coordinates tournaments and competitions in various academic and nonacademic [Extra curricula] sectors, to encourage and motivate the younger ones in the academic and non-academic activities for their personal and professional development. It also encourages cohesion and unity among participants.

Debates: Organized and structured debating competitions, using carefully selected topics of national and international interest.
Quiz: Well designed and developed quiz competitions in science, technical, vocational, arts and social sectors of education. This will encourage and motivate the younger ones in their educational pursuits.
Innovation Challenge: Is an organized competition focusing on areas of scientific, technological, artisan and arts & crafts talents. To celebrate and motivate talented young people to prepare them for the future and open their thinking faculty.
It is an interesting fun fair and talent show for pupils and students, to show case their talents and skills in the aforementioned areas.

Sports Tournaments

NTG Global Skills Academy organizes tournaments in various sports and games, to encourage sport participation and development of sporting skills. It also exposes the participants to the outer world.

These tournaments are to be organized regularly and can be either of the following;-
Inter – Schools Tournaments; These are sports competitions organized to be competed between various schools in a particular locality, Local Government Area, State or Nation.
Inter- Regional Tournament: These are organized sports competitions to be competed between different areas or regions such as inter-Local Government, inter-States, etc.
Other Competitions: Such as open tournaments, sport tours, sponsored tournaments etc.

    NTG Global Skills Academy is a reputable academy with track record of excellence and performance. We collaborate with many institutions, centers and agencies to synergize ideas and skills in order to bring the best out of every child or youth who pass through our programs.


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